Excited to be open! 皆さんこんにちわ!

This store has been an idea of my husband and I for a while now and we're very excited to get to launch our little store of kawaii products.  For those that don't know kawaii is Japanese for cute.

My husband encouraged me to use my kawaii art style and our stories to build this store.  I was not sure about it because I had just left Japan and being new to America didn't feel confident about my English but he helps me so I feel ok.

I hope you will enjoy my designs and look forward to the new designs and products we will release.

この店は私の夫と私がしばらく考えていたもので、楽しく、可愛いデザインを作りました、可愛いは英語で cuteって意味です、まだまだ先ですけど、頑張っていきますので、これからよろしくお願いします。